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The tinyEnt Studios team
Beautiful photo of Founder Matthew Mitchell. Well known for being the coolest of the group

Matthew Mitchell

Manager / Software Developer

I spent most of 2016 learning to code. I'm learning more about game development every day and having a great time doing so.

Photo of Founder Krysten Cooper. Well known for being the smelliest member of the team

Krysten Cooper


Games and art have been a huge part of my life, and it's great to be able to put the two of them together.

Photo of Founder Maxim Rose. Well known for angry outbursts in Russian

Max Rose

Manager/Software Developer by Day
Ninja Assassin by Night

A CS major from South Seattle College and coding bootcamp graduate has turned his sights on breaking ground in VR

Photo of Founder Matthew Ashley and his large nose. Well known for the size of his nose.

Matt Ashley


I love to know how things work. I love videogames. Getting under the hood of one of my biggest hobbies has and continues to be an exciting experience.

Voja looking fresh on the mic

Vojislav Milosevic


With a background in 3D animation, I'm currently learning programming, hoping to move into a developer role.


Team Mascot

I oversee the team to be sure that everything meets my high quality standards. Recovering catnip addict.

Dev Blog

Dev Blog 3

May 29, 2017


Hey guys, it's me, Krysten. I'm here to give an update on how things have been going with tinyEnt, and to share with you a bit about what I do for the company.

First of all, all of us at tinyEnt have been swamped with our personal lives these past few months. We are all eager to push our game out, but it will take some time for us to be able to do so. In the meantime, we will continue working on the game as much as we can and will give an update as soon as we feel like the game is ready for beta.

As for myself, I occasionally like to peek over Matthew's shoulder to help him with code, but for the most part I am focusing on the artistic side of things. I'm fairly new to digital art (and pixel art for that matter), so this has been a bit of a stretch for me as I am learning new programs and learning to create things with my mouse rather than a tablet or the traditional pencil and paper.

I've also been playing around with a music keyboard that Matthew gifted to me and I decided to try out FL Studio to try to create some tunes for our mobile game. I had a bit of a tough time figuring out how to set up the keyboard and how to record things, but after spending a little bit of time watching some tutorials, I think I am starting to get the hang of things. I'm not sure if what I come up with will be used in the actual game, but I've had a blast playing music again regardless.

As always, thank you so much for your continued support and I hope you all will stay tuned to see what we have in store for you guys.


Dev Blog 2

April 29, 2017

Wow, It's Been a While

Hello everyone! It really has been a long time since we posted our last update, hasn't it. Well, in case any of you were curious, yes we are still working on Creamed and yes, once Creamed is done we want to continue working on other top secret games that we have been planning ideas for, whether or not the next game is going to be developed for VR is still up in the air, but we will let you know more on that after we finish Creamed. For those of you just joining us, Creamed is a mobile game that we are developing for an iOS release. We do plan do deploy it on Android as well, but we are finding that we will need to do some Android optimizations as it is much more bugged on that side. Creamed is an "infinite runner" style game where, simply put, you shoot ice cream at people and avoid on coming traffic.
Since this is a dev blog update I suppose I should also talk about some dev stuff and since it's my turn I will let you know what I have been working on, it's me, Max, by the way. Recently, I have had the pleasure to work on NPC spawning and NPC pathing which has been a fun, and sometimes challenging, learning experience. As of now I have completed a basic pathing algorithm that allows them to randomly move up, down, left, and right. It's pretty basic and their movement is rather predictably unpredictable, since there are only 4 choices for direction right now; this may or may not change depending on how some of our other options work out and how it fits with the astetic of the game. Personally I plan to work on a more complex pathing algorithm that should be out for the initial release of the game, but probably not for the start of the closed beta release that we are planning on doing here "soon". Spawning, however, has been a little less interesting, right now they kinda just "boop" in at the houses, but I am working on a way for their appearance into the scene to look a little more, well, natural and less boopy.
As far as everyone else, I think they are working on Facebook leaderboards and power ups or something, I'll let them tell you because by this point you are tired of reading this or you stopped reading a while ago and don't even see this.......unless you skipped down to here, then you are a jerk and should totally read the middle where it's more interesting, this is not your high school lit class and this is not a conclusion that sums everything up. (Just kidding on the jerk thing)
Thanks everyone for reading and stay tuned for our next update!

Signed everyone's favorite dev,
- Max

Dev Blog 1

March 16, 2017

Hello World!

We are all very excited to share what the five of us have been working on for the last few months.

In January, myself and the five beautiful people you see listed here started working on a mobile game that we have been calling Creamed (name not final). The idea was to build an endless runner where the player controls an ice cream truck and fires ice cream at customers. We did our best to jump right into game development and made a ton of progress.

Creamed is now close to be finished, so we decided to form this company to continue working on projects together, and hopefully create something worthwhile. We hope to release Creamed in the coming weeks.

On behalf of all of us at tinyEnt Studios, thank you for your interest. Be sure to follow us on social media to keep up with our latest projects.

- Matthew

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